This Un~Lock~It is...

helpful with communication, balance, and calm. It contains citrine which enhances abundance, success, self-expression, creativity, courage while pairing with the dragon who attracts good fortune and new beginnings.

This Un~Lock~It will...

bring you confidence, stability, strength, inner peace, clarity while giving you the energy to get things done.

This Un~Lock~It represents...

wisdom, abundance, clarity, new beginnings, creativity, communication, and confidence.

Handmade Jewelry, crafted for quality, Inspired by Spirit.

The pieces speak to which shape to use, what piece of art to use and what crystals belong to it.  Each Un~Lock~it is made special for the person who is meant to wear it.  Which Un~Lock~it resonates with you?

Release your inner spirit & follow your heart's desire

The locket will help unlock your fears and blocks to help you move forward in life to achieve the life you desired and deserved.